viernes, 11 de diciembre de 2015

#10: Writting a blog was..

I never wrote a blog or something like that, where you expuse your thoughts and personal opinions on internet, not even in Facebook where I just  share music. Writting a blog was a funny because you could tell everyone about your tastes and things you are interested in, so the class could know more about its classmates. We can tell now if other people have the same musical tastes, or how many pets they have or what they dream for their future, so it was nice reading the posts . Details are important for drawing ideas about the one who’s next to you. 

Besides, sharing a post once a week helped us with our english, and learning a new language is about practice, because it doesn’t matter if you know the theory if you can’t give to the contents a use. One thing I liked about this class was that we didn’t waste time re-learning gramatical rules or vocabulary we learnt in school, we just put on action our knowledges.

A last thing I’d like to say is that  is important for a journalist to has the habit to use social networks, because in our job we need to be in constant touch with the public, and the internet is now so global and important for the communications, that is the easier way. 


viernes, 4 de diciembre de 2015

#9: Places

England: the land of my dreams <3

There’s one place in the world that I dream to visit, one place that is, almost literally, the land of all of my wishes. When I was 12 and I passed my days reading about fantasy, and magic, and thick woods, and beings that you only can find in mythology, I decided that, as a fact, one day I would take a plane and I would enjoy all this place would give me. And so, yes, this place has been being with me for years! I’m talking about the old and beautiful England, the cold and green land of Harry Potter, Wuthering Heights and Pride and Prejudice!

As I said, I’m wishing to go to this country since I was a girl, but always thinking in two landscapes: London and the woods of the north, in the frontier with Ireland. I mean, the aesthetics, the colors, the architecture, the feeling of fascination that provokes me the composition of the streets and the trees, also the way you can see in pictures and videos how the air and the mist wraps everything, seems to me that it’s so magical so it was obvious that I liked this place. I always liked the magic (thank you Harry! Haha).

England is 
also the country of good music. Two of my favourites bands are from here: Oasis and Florence & The Machine. But, dah, there is so many and good bands like Radiohead, Blur, The Stone Roses, The Libertines, Beady Eye, Arctic Monkeys and the list is infinite hahaha. Besides, England has the most cool music ( and other arts) festival: Glastonbury. Have you seen the performances artists make in this fest?  It’s incredible! I love watching the videos of this event in youtube haha.

And well, then is the obvious thing about England: is a cosmopolitan country where people of every part of the world came and feed a cultural space that surely everyone would like to know and live. 
I’m wishing go soooon!  
Cony xx. 

viernes, 20 de noviembre de 2015

#8: Music


The best band in mundial world <3

There’s one thing I can say with property and is it: Incubus is the best band of all of the times (or at least since the 90’s, I know The Beatles is the band for excellence), I swear.  I think everyone should listen at least one of their beautiful songs, you wouldn’t regret, in fact,  you’d love it. Try with Dig, Wish you were here or Drive, the classic ones.

Whatever, I met them when I was fifteen, when I was in a toccata where tribute bands played punk-pop songs all the afternoon. I remember that in the time between the bands came on the stage, the producers put random music to entertain the public, as always they did. When I say random I mean different bands, but of course in the line of the kind of music. But, in the middle of the mass, jumping and singing, tired and transpired, I heard a different song from the loudspeaker. A song that wasn’t by All time low, Fall Out Boy or My Chemical Romance, and I liked it instantly. I asked in loud voice what band was it, and a random girl told me it was Incubus <3. I promised myself I’d check them on internet, but when I came back home I forgot to do it.

Months later, I was bored and tired of the music I had. I wanted something new. So, in a epiphany, I remembered Incubus. And that was the best I ever done, speaking of music. I have the best memories of my life with this gorgeous band.

 Incubus is a band so complete, they have songs of different styles like funk, jazz, rock, metal and now they are on a experimental phase. They were formed on 1991 in California, and currently have 8 studio discs: Fungus Amongus, S.C.I.E.N.C.E, Make yourself, Morning View, A crow left of the murder, Lights Grenades, Monuments and Melodies and If not now when, plus they are working in new material this year. Each disc have a style and concept, sooo <3 hahah. My favourite one is Lights Grenades, but also Morning View, I think. But I want to say that every disc is cool, really. In If not now when is my favourite song from them, Promises, promises <3.

I had the fortune to go to a Incubus’s concert two years ago! They were on the Rock Summer Festival Santiago and, until the last minute I wasn’t going because I didn’t have the money BUUUUT a miracle happened HAHAH <3 <3. A classmate told me a friend of her was selling a ticket so cheap! I didn’t think, I just took the money and run to the Estadio Nacional. It was epic. I was passing for the worst times ever, and have the opportunity to see my favourite band was the best way to forget about the problems. The show was the beautiful. I couldn’t see anything because I was in the back, on general court, but I loved it. I mean, I literally exploted for the love hahahah. To know I was on the same space that Brandon Boyd, aaaaah <3.

Summer Fest 2013, Santiago

Best man <3 
Well, I just can recommend you to listen Incubus. You’ll have a great surprise!


viernes, 13 de noviembre de 2015

#7: Expert on the field

Freddy Stock, the "Chilennon"

Last year I took a general training subject that sounded interesting and entertaining, it was called “Rock y Política”. I imagined that it would be cool because we could talk about music and history, but I didn’t know if just go for it or not, ‘cause my friends were undecided and I’m not really that independent person who takes subjects alone haha. After thinking about it, and in the last day where you could take subjects, we did it, and we did it convinced for one thing: the secretary told us that Freddy Stock was the teacher.
Freddy Stock is a 42 years old music journalist and master in Strategic Comunication from Universidad de Chile.  Has written books like Corazones Rojos (an polemic and not official biography about Los Prisioneros) or La vida mágica de Los Jaivas, besides, he had worked as music critic and editor in various medias, including La Nación, El Mercurio, La Tecera, Medianoche (on TVN)  and Zero radio, where he was vice principal. He also was jury on Rojo: Fama contra fama (TVN) and currently he is broadcaster on Palabras sacan palabras, a program of Futuro radio, and he owns a bar named Goodstock.
I can’t tell that I really know his work because I haven’t read his books, but I loved his classes. In fact, “Rock y Política” was my favourite subject in all my first year on the university. I can say that he knows so much about music and I admire him in that sense.  He even interviewed Paul McCartney! Noy any can do that so, just saying hahah.
It’s true that he wore leather jackets and cowboys boats, and drove motorcycle, and, yes, he exaggerated the style and stuff, but we saw since the blues and jazz until the rock of the 70’s, so I can’t complain! We even watched the The Beatles anthology :’), because he loves them, specially John Lennon. I think rock music impassions him, and he conveyed that passion to us (at least, I felt it hahaha), so that made him a good professional. I mean, when journalists can make people empathize with their storys, they leave their mark and that’s nice. 

viernes, 6 de noviembre de 2015

#6: Pets


I'd like start saying something I know people don't care much, but just in case. I've never liked the word "pet", I think it despises animals and put them as things humans can own. Animals are not things and we can't just "pet them" so, letting that in clear, I'll say that there's this cat that lives with me that I love so much. She's the most important integrant of the family, no matter what my mom says haha. Besides, I'll speak about "her" and not about "it", because I think the english language it's too insulting when it name animals.
Sooo, we called her Annabel but I think she doen't like it because she don't answer to this name. In fact, she doesn’t answer to any name. She's the haughtiest cat I've ever known and I can't stop laughing about it, you'll see why.
How did she arrive to my house? It was september 2012 and, one random day, a classmate found three little kittens on the ceiling of the bathroom of the school. They were so small and their mom had abandoned them, so I wanted to take care of at least one of them. The thing was that another girl took the kitten I wanted to take home, and the other two has house too. I was a little sad but happy for the cats.
One month later, another random day, my head teacher asked me if a wanted a cat. I was like “okay, why does she know I want a cat?” but I just nodded. She explained to me that one of the girls that had taken the kittens couldn’t take care of the cat anymore, so I put myself ready for the lovely task. I love raise kittens, by the way hahaha.
I went to my teacher’s house to pick up the kitten with a friend. I came in to the corridor… and there she was <3 Small, color mixing and restless, a little crazy, so perfect <3.
I took her in my arms and, since then, I give her all my love hahah.
She´s dramatic, scary, heavy, doesn’t like touching unless she wants to be stroked, sleeps all day and plays all night, hunts moths and flys and waits for you when you go the bathroom. She likes to sleep under the covers with you and occupies all the bed. She’s the best <3 
Here I'll put some photos I like of her!

The two <3 


Some random photos.

Annabel lauching her presidential career :') haha 

viernes, 30 de octubre de 2015

#5: A photograph

Vamos a recordar la época loca de ayer, cuando teníamos dieciséis (8).

(Yeah, it is important to write it in spanish, you'll see).

I don't have a favourite photo of all of the times, but I'd like to talk about a very special one. 
I think I already said that music is important in my life and, as any teen, I liked share things in common with my friends, specially bands ans singers. But I had (and still have) just a few friends to do that, because for some reason I never really fit with people that liked the music I loved. 
Letting that in clear, I'll say that when I turned sixteen, I just had three friends with wich I could talk about music. Yeah, just three! Hahaha. I couldn’t believe it either.
Anyway, the day of my 16 birthday, in 2012, I invited my friends to my house, and I swear that that was one of my best birthdays in all my life. We spent all day listening to music, messing around, we took pictures, we laughed, we ate, we drank and stuff. We made our own band playing imaginary instruments and it was so cool for us by these days hahaha. One of my friends gave me a CD of Incubus (my favourite band, eternal love to Brandon Boyd <3 <3), Morning view, and at the night we put it on the radio and played it over and over and over.
The photo you are watching was took in the corridor of my building, at the sunset, when we were pretending we were a famous band and we needed a cover page for our first CD. It was took by my sister, by the way.
I remember that day with so much love, and this was my favourite photograph of all the day.
Ah, if you’re asking for the name of the blog, by those years we listened so much PXNDX HAHAHA, and I took the lyrics from their song Maracas
2012, a good year <3.
PD: I don’t know why I said “those years”, if I went to their concert this year, on may! Forever emo haha.
Cony xx

viernes, 16 de octubre de 2015

#4: Favourite movie or serie

My Mad Fat Diary 

I want to start saying that I love this serie so much and I think I will do it forever. I watched My Mad Fat Diary for the first time with my little sister two years ago, the previous night to Christmas Eve, and it was so addictive to us that we didn't sleep until the morning, wanting to watch the season all at once. We did it well, because we had no regrets even if we were almost sleeping at the Christmas's dinner the next day. 
The story happens in 1996 and is about a 16 years old girl called Rae, who comes back to her life after being in a mental hospital for a year 'cause a suicide attempt. She is fat and has so many problems treating with people because of this, plus she's very insecure and really hates herself. So, when Rae's back, she must devise how to fit in the society again, while she starts learning to love herself the way she is. It is more complicated that how it sounds, because she has to fix the relationship with her mother and accept her stepfather, discover what true friendship means and realize that romantic love is a thing that actually can happens to her, no matter her body or her problems.
I think this TV show is my favourite because all of the values that implicitly it gives, starting with the fact that the protagonist it's not the typical perfect girl, not even just a girl, because the "just girl" is always thin in the series. Rae is fat and not pretty in the traditional way, so the serie dares to show other realities. Ah, and though the show it's set in the 90's, it speaks of actual teenager topics, like body insecuritys, esteem, divorced parents, homosexuality, friendship, etc.
Besides, the format that the show is made is new and adorable, because as the title of it says "diary", sometimes the escenes are frozen and it plays with the idea, writting on the image. 

Of course, there is handsome guys also, so you can enjoy the view HAHA.


Aaaaaand, the most wonderful thing about My Mad Fat Diary is the soundtrack! I mean, all the good british pop is here! We can find The Stone Roses, Blur, The Verve, Radiohead, or other bands like Pulp, The Smiths, The Cure... and of course, infantable, OASIS <3 So if you like 90's music, please check out this!

There is a episode where everyone goes to a Oasis show

Rae loves Damon Albarn haha